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There is no piece of ski equipment more important than ski boots. Boots can make or break your ski experience. Choose the customised ski boot, personalized by Intersport Rent certified bootfitter with over 10 years experience in ski boot fitting. The three huge advantages of custom-fitted ski boots:

1. Better Skiing: You will actually ski better, turn better, have more control, and be a better skier than you were before you put the boots on. Who doesn’t want that?

2. Better Comfort: This is not just a matter of luxury. Better comfort has concrete advantages besides how your feet feel. It directly translates to less fatigue, which means more runs, better skiing, and less soreness at the end of the day. It is especially important to anyone with oddly shaped feet or toes.

3. Warmth: So many skiers complain about cold toes that it has become almost accepted as part of the sport – but it does not have to be. Today’s custom boots are actually warmer thanks to better foam, but more importantly, your feet stay warmer because the blood supply to them is not impinged, as it often is in off-the-rack boots.